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Thursday, March 5, 2015

All Prince William County Public Schools closed due to inclement weather in certain areas. Code Red for employees. All school division activities including Professional Development sessions are cancelled. SACC will not open. Telework subject to policy.

Las Escuelas Públicas del Condado de Prince William estarán cerradas debido al mal tiempo en ciertas zonas. Código Rojo para los empleados. Se cancelan todas las actividades de la división escolar incluyendo las sesiones de desarrollo profesional. SACC no abrirá. Teletrabajo sujeto a la política.

Tất cả các Trường Công lập Quận Prince William đóng cửa do thời tiết khắc nghiệt trong một số vùng. TÍN HIỆU ĐỎ cho các nhân viên. Tất cả mọi hoạt động hệ trường bao gồm cả các buổi thuyết trình Phát triển Chuyên nghiệp điều bị hủy bỏ. SACC sẽ không mở cửa. Chính sách nầy áp dụng cho mọi nhân viên và hoạt động từ xa.

SOL Resources
New!  The Virginia Department of Education has released online practice questions for Math, English and Science.  Click here to visit the site.

Top Ten Test-Taking Mistakes Top Ten Test-Taking Strategies
1 Spending too much time on difficult items. 1 Read the question carefully.
2 Misreading a question. 2 Think about what you are supposed to do.
3 Filling in the wrong answer space. 3 Look at the answer choices carefully.
4 Misreading answer choices. 4 Skip difficult items and return to them later.
5 Performing the wrong mathematics operation. 5 Eliminate answer choices you know are wrong.
6 Misreading key words such as not or opposite. 6 Try each answer choice in the blank for fill in the blank type items.
7 Making a copying error when rewriting a horizontal math problem in vertical format. 7 Take your best guess when unsure of the answer.
8 Making a copying error when transferring a mathematics answer from scratch paper to the answer sheet. 8 If you are absolutely sure an answer is correct, mark it and move on to the next question.  Otherwise, you need to look at the rest of the answer choices.
9 Reading a passage before the question in a comprehension item. 9 Be sure you mark the correct space on the answer document that corresponds to the question you are working on.
Failing to attempt to answer all the items
10 Answer all of the questions.
Click here for ways to help a student study for a test.

The links below are provided to help our students prepare for
Virginia's Standards of Learning (SOL) tests. 

Please note:  This Web page contains links to one or more Web sites outside the Stonewall Jackson High School network, which are not affiliated venues and may not reflect the views and opinions of Stonewall Jackson High School. Stonewall Jackson High School does not control the content of such Web sites and does not sponsor nor endorse any messages, products, or services contained on such Web sites.

End of Course English Writing SOL Resources
Review these sites to practice English grammar, punctuation, and usage.






Lang. Arts

Online Testing Guide

PowerPoint presentation put together by Hylton's Librarian, Connie Murphy, to prepare students to take the online SOL tests.

Virginia ePats

Electronic Practice Assessment Tests - Online practice SOL tests from the Virginia Department of Education.

SOL Released Tests

Hardcopies of SOL released tests from the Virginia Department of Education. Tests can be downloaded and printed.

Virginia Standards of Learning

General information on the Virginia SOLs for every subject from the Virginia Department of Education.

More practice tests and other resources. 

Collection of review resources from Click on the drop-down category list to find your subject area.

Poquoson Interactive Quizzes

Collection of practice quizzes from Poquoson Schools.

Practice Tests from Texas

Practice tests for the Texas Assessment tests--good for VA SOLs, too!

SOLPass Links to resources for every test.

StudyStack Flashcards, Word Finds, Crossword Puzzles, etc., for review.

Wise County SOL Resources Practice Tests and Tutorials.

Jefferson Labs - Practice tests

Science and Math practice tests from Jefferson Labs.

Jefferson Labs - Crossword Puzzles

Science crossword puzzles for review.

Jefferson Labs - Hangman

Science vocabulary hangman for review.

Homework Help

Tons of test preparation resources for Math.


Online tutorial which guides students through steps in writing a persuasive essay.

10 Steps to Writing an Essay

Nice information on how to write essays. Includes examples.

Interactive Quizzes for Language Arts

Interactive quizzes for grammar review.

The Tongue Untied

Online guide for grammar, style, and punctuation. Click through the different units to find interactive quizzes.

TAKS 2003 Online Test

Practice test for Reading comprehension.

Harrisonburg SOL Practice Tests

Social Studies practice tests from Harrisonburg Public Schools.

Test Your Geography Knowledge

Nice way to review world maps.

Loudoun County History Practice Tests

World and US History practice tests from Loudoun County Schools.

Mr. The World Wars

Downloadable practice test on the World Wars.

Mr. The World Wars 2

Second test on the time period surrounding the World Wars.

Oswega Regents Exam Prep

Exam preparation materials from the Oswega City School District.

American History Quizzes

Collection of practice quizzes for US History.

US History SOL Review Tests

Practice tests for US History

History Review PowerPoint Presentation

Nice PowerPoint presentation to review for the US History SOL. (Caution: Large File!)

Geonet Geography Game Fun game for reviewing geography!

Western Branch HS Social Studies SOL Review Page Collection of PowerPoint presentations you can use to review.

Online Map Games

Fun Geography mapping games from

US History SOL Review Questions Collection of US History SOL review questions from Salem County Schools.

Thanks to Terry Lowry and Brian Hackett for their support and collaboration on this site.

Warning! This Web page may contain links to one or more Web sites outside the PWCS network, which are not PWCS venues and may not reflect the views or opinions of PWCS. PWCS does not control the content of such Web sites and does not sponsor or endorse any messages, products, or services contained on such Web sites.

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